motivation for survival

Tarek Hassan
Political and Social

Motivation ?

Are we going to survive?


The evolutionary drive is a primordial and fundamental force. If we fail to fulfil its pre-requisites, it is logical that we humans shall be destroyed -manouvered into destroying ourselves- or made non-viable and replaced.  No one can argue that the evolutionary journey from fishes to frogs to lizards to birds to bees to elephants to whales to wolves to monkeys to dolphins to humans has been solely  to recreate fishes, frogs and bees again. Was biological evolution totally haphazard? Was it solely survival of the fittest? Or was there some deep consciousness, yearning behind this incredible journey of development.

It it would seem that biological evolution had reached its goal with the emergence of Homo sapiens.  At this point of birth of human intelligence that had emerged in the scheme and intelligent form of life that is capable of life preservation, procreation and preservation of spevies without the ruthless cruel life destructive drama of survival of the fittest. The evolution of Homo sapiens represents an endpoint of biological evolution.  The driving force behind biological evolution being the creation of a life supporting form of life that can resort to consciousness and intelligence and not to programmed violence and blind force or wile for survival.


How can we come to terms with the sense of the big matrix of love and yearning for consciousness and none violence being the driving force of biological  evolution without head on collision with the closed dogmatic concepts of the religious fanatics. It is a terrible and recurrent disappointment to find various sects and religions trying to import a cruel inflexible "God" into every scientific or logical argument or into any new illuminating concept.  I preferred to think of the yearning for love and consciousness and life preservation and life love through none violence as an inherent quality within conscious life itself at its first birth.  You can call that; survival through love what you will.  You can call it God or you can call it inherent consciousness.  There is no need at all to quarel about that!  To transcend ruthless violence and destruction to other on the road of self-preservation,  intelligent life achieved in the emergence of the human being what seems to be a paradoxically regressive step!  The human being is a life form born with the least amount of programming!  Compared to most or even all other living forms human beings are the most vulnerable and remains most vulnerable for a long time as they acquire by experiential interactive learning the knowledge required for life preservation through the complex interaction of sensory input including the unique special senses and the feedback from motor output, skills acquisition, and the unique ability for creativity and four interactive creative relations with self other self, other beings and the environment.


If we see the human evolutionary breakthrough as the potential for survival of the species without violence to self other self and environment, then very rich and exciting potentials are open to Homo sapiens.






Let us now jump many centuries into the contemporary world situation.  Why in the context of brute capitalism and of brute Darwinian survival of the fittest should the powerful and wealthy be concerned with the weak and poor?!

It can be argued, what is the motivation of the rich and powerful to give away some of their privileges, in favour of a more just and pluralistic world.


It is not only the new dynamics of threatened village earth but the recognition that we are all in crisis and we all need each other.


There is real complementarity in the order of things and we would be fools not  to take advantage of that complementarity and opt instead to maintain our short- sighted exclusive privileges.


When Ghandi, Saad Zaghlool, Martin Luther King, the many great Asia pacific philosophers and visionaries,  the youth of Europe and America,  the many unknown and unpublicised men and women individuals and groups who all moved with essentially non-violent means to make their point and express their commitment to change towards humanism and justice, taking enormous risks physical, psychological and emotional, against the full weight of entrenched "power", they were also moving for the "other".  If they were moving towards more justice they were moving towards dialogue and  harmony and new essentially interactive relations responsive in wisdom to the interests of all parties.


If they were moving towards interactive justice they were not after mere reversal of roles between oppressor and oppressed. They were concerned with the challenge of listening and understanding of the "other".


These courageous men and women determined  to achieve interactive harmony frequently had to face in the beginning the resistance and aggression of oppressors and oppressed alike.  A priori rigid assumptions are easier.  The win/lose, either/or, baddies/goodies formulae are much easier.  They unfortunately are still the norm.  Every crisis has to have the goodies with all the right on their side and the villains who are evil through and through.  It is so easy to respond to Eurocentrism with I-centrism. It is easy to respond to "other" racism with me-racism, "other" prejudice with me-prejudice.


Movements that transcend this win/lose circuit and are thereby essentially non-violent were, and still are,  lessons for us all. They are effective lessons from the oppressed to transcend the win/lose, either/or principle into the arena of interactive harmony, balance of interests and interactive justice. They represent initiatives not just for the liberation and salvation of Indians, Egyptians, Palestinians, Asians, Afric