Mirror mirror on the wall

Tarek Ali Hassan

life had worked up on its evolutionary strife many highly successful formulae. The raison d'etre for the emergence of a conscience living being namely man is the potential to being the loving mother /father of all creation and to practice the preservation of life and species not by programmed violence but by learned and creative nonviolence.

Mirror mirror on the wall 
I was born the gentlest of them all 
I came to being to be the gentlest of all creation 
its my only raison d'etre! 

I came to being 
I struggled to consciousness 
to be the servant 
the mother the father, the lover of life and of Nature 
t'is my raison d'etre 
I came to being as the answer to all this yearning for love 
I came to be the gentle mother carer of life and of Nature and of all creatures big and small, strong and weak, good and bad.. 
and then I was brutalized beyond recognition 

Mirror mirror on the wall 
I do not know myself anymore 
Mirror mirror on the wall help me 
I cannot find the path to myself 

I see a distorted monster 
an extreme dedicated insatiable monster 

a blood thirsty power hungry monster 
love hater life hater self righteous monster 
anti-life anti-Earth anti-love 
that is surely someone else 
it can't be me or mine 

Mirror mirror on the wall 
was I not born the gentlest of them all? 
could you tell the World why and how? 
The Monster? 


Once upon a time a miracle babe was violated 1000 times 
and when the violation became habitual chronic normal 
everyone forgot 
the history was buried 
violation violation violation violence violence violence blood blood blood 
it all became normal 
and when all abnormal became normal everyone forgot the story 
everyone rationalized the little history that was not buried deep enough 
and there were no more miracle babes 

and when there was a freak miracle babe 
the baby cried: 


mirror mirror on the wall 
I was born to be the gentlest of them all 
but defenseless I was violated a thousand times 
and when I was violated utterly I forgot 
I became a monster and forgot why or how