the Sun is lured into orbit round the Moon

Tarek Ali Hassan

Dissonance most severe 
the Sun is lured into orbit round the Moon

Screams of pain, hurt protestation of terrible crimes 
The sun is in orbit round the Moon! 

The Moon screams too hot, too violent, stop …AAAAAAAAh! 

Aggression most vile au secours! HELP! 

witness All, the criminal Sun 
come ye all men, all women and testify 
come ye all judges and verify 
How he wantonly inflicts damage and hurt by heat and senseless eruptions 

shrink Sun, evil Sun 
selfish one, 
shrink into culpable guilt, behave yourself and cool down 
denounce your selfishness 
denounce this damaging fire and unpredictable explosion, behave and cool down 

When the new ice age prevails 
and the infertile Moon fails 
Let us get together for to weep and wail the insoluble calamity, 
this unnatural dissonance most severe 
the Sun has been captured, 
lured into orbit round the Moon