Tea and crumpets

Tarek Ali Hassan


let's only eat nice things 
like sweets 
like minted chocolates 

in the evenings 

and wafers from cellophane bags 

let's watch tennis on the lawn 
dressed in fresh clean clothes 
let's wear nice hats and roses 
and pour tea from silver pots 

let's not think of bad things 
of nasty things 

of hideous things 

let's eat our crumpets in serenity 

let's disinfect our baths and flushing systems 
let's boil our waters, daughters and visitor's quarters 
oh let's be good and clean 

let's eat our crumpets in serenity 

let's go to parties and to concerts let's be sweet 

let's smile nice smiles and clap little claps 

let's take little sips and chew little mouthfuls 

let's make little children gasp little gasps and show home movies 

oh let's be nice 

why can't everybody think on nice things 
good things 

why can't we live in nice places 
good places 

why can't we be nice like the pictures in the hall? 

oh let's be nice and eat crumpets in serenity 

oh why can't everything around us STAY nice? 

we'll make out cheques for charities 
in the drawing room 

we'll bake a cake for orphans 
twice a year 

bandages for the wounded 
letters for the lonesome 
parcels for pensioners prisoners and divorcees 

let's flood the world with proper kindness and 
keep all things nice 

.............for always 

and for us to eat crumpets 

in serenity